Live Events, Plays, & Performances,

Save the spectacle of a live event, play, or performance forever. 
Plays, performances, concerts, fundraisers, parties, etc...

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From Here To There, Live Performance
Wish Upon A Star, Play
Night Magic Designs at Lincoln Tap Room, Live Performance


You need a killer video to get your project backed! 
Let's get your project funded above and beyond the goal. My videos have successfully funded kickstarter projects in the past, and then some.

Featured Video:
Sun Cedar Kickstarter
Successfully funded at over $45,000!


Make your company stand out with a promotional video! 
Use video for training and other internal purposes.

Featured Video:
Hunter Andre Real Estate Agent Profile


Let's collaborate on a music video together. 
Get footage of your show that's not from an iPhone in the back row.

Featured Video:
Cassini - Aquarius (Live Studio Recording Session)


Capture your big day the right way! 
Contact me for more information on packages and rates for wedding videography.

Featured Video:
Tiffeny and David Wedding Highlights